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Keep in mind that everything here is subject to change, as I'm still trying to improve my blog. I'll try to keep up with this page as I change my formats and things.
(and yes, a lot of this is just basic blogger features, but can't hurt, right?)


The name of my blog is pretty self explanatory; this is a blog following and commentating on women's artistic gymnastics. I don't really know much about the men's side of artistic gymnastics, nor rhythmic gymnastics, so while those things may occasionally show up, I'll be focusing on WAG. I started watching in 2008. Although I've watched a bunch of the routines from before then, my 'expertise' on gymnasts and competition starts from 2008.


This is my banner, what you should see at the top of any page. If you want to get to my home page from any page, just click this

I use cuts on my home page, so it doesn't get too cluttered and the website loads faster. If you want to see the rest of the post, just click 'read more'. If you want to read a bunch of posts in a row, just click 'read more' on the the first one, read it, and then use the next or previous buttons at the very bottom of the post.
please post a comment while you're at it; I love feedback!
Right before the comment box, I have the nRelate widget. I don't really have enough content on my blog yet for the widget to come up with things that are really related to the post, but this is a good way to look though some random posts.

If you're looking for a specific series of posts, look to the labels widget on the right of the page. I'm still trying to fill my blog with more content, so eventually each label should turn up more posts. I'm trying to tag each post with:

-gymnasts mentioned (also trying to bold their names in the post itself
-country of gymnasts
-type of post

Above the labels widget, I have two text box widgets. The first will have information regarding the next gymnastics competition (right now it's showing the link for watching Euros), and the second will have the next post that I'm working on.

Below those, I have a subscribe widget, so that you can follow my blog by email. It's just one click to follow.

And below that are my archives. Simply click month, and then the post you want to read.

If you want to contact me, there's a link to that right below my banner

I'm sure this will keep being updated, so check back once in a while :)

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