(taken from my favorite gym blogs post)

First, a special shoutout to This blog started my obsession, as the stories of the gymnasts behind the London Olympics fascinated me. I've been following this blog since its very beginning, checking like three times a day.

Next, The Couch Gymnast is great for a more 'reporter' style of blog, with interviews, profiles, and more. My favorite part is the Leotard Fashion Police. Note, there are more posts, including ones from the London Olympics, that haven't been updated to this page yet.

For long discussions spanning everything gymnastics, and a lot more, I go to GymTruthTeller. There are threads with like three hundred posts on 2012 Olympic Trials, London, and more. Of course, the snark there is delicious

Another of my favorite gymnastics blogs is Stoi, I have read literally every one of the posts on this blog. I reread this blog every morning while eating breakfast. It's that good.

I love the Quick Hits by Blythe Lawrence at Gymnastics Examiner, especially good during major competitions.

Although The E Panel hasn't been update in awhile, there is still major quality posts there (yes, I have read every single one)

And finally, Blossom, Chinese Gymnastics Flowers is great for lovely gifs, pictures and more

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