Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random Routine: Deng Linlin vs Sui Lu 2012 BB EF

Credits: AP Photo/Gregory Bull

So I recently discovered one of the coolest things ever on Youtube. Someone made a comparision video of Sui Lu and Deng Linlin at the Balance Beam Event Final at the 2012 Olympics. And it's not just two videos spliced next to each other, it's two videos spliced on top of each other! So it's like a direct comparison of one of the most controversial podium placings of the Olympics! 

For the video, and my thoughts on that placing, click below!

So looking around the various blogs and forums, the general opinion is that Sui Lu deserved to win gold. Honestly, looking at both routines, they're both great, and should have both been gold (although I'm glad that didn't happen, because imagine the mess that would have come out of that). But here's my opinion on the specific bits. They both have a tiny step on the double pikes. Deng has a pretty obvious leg separation on her layout, a tiny step on her split leap, and doesn't hit one of her leaps all the way. Sui has a step on her back pike, doesn't completely stay up on her toe during the spin, and a better sheep jump than Deng. In my opinion, she also hits a better rhythm, but of course that's subjective. So, all this analyzing and no conclusion?

But honestly, this video is so neat. It's almost like fighting with gymnastics, as the rhythm looks like they're trying to outdo each other after each skill. Take a look!

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