Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 European Championship All Around Predictions

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 These are my first predictions for a major competition, so don't judge me if they're completely wrong, kay? For my podium predictions and more, read on!

Of course, the big question here before qualifications was that of Iordache vs Mustafina. The results of today brought a bit of a shock, as the Romanians topped the roster and Grishina beat out Queen Aliya. That said, I'm still tipping Aliya for the top of the podium. We've seen her fight over and over, and I think this qualifications will just spur her to hit beam completely.

My Podium

Aliya Mustafina
Larisa Iordache
Anastasia Grishina

We thought we had an All Around like the last Olympics again, with two major competitors for gold and two for bronze, but now it's looking like a four person race for gold (incredible!) However, I'm still believe that the top two spots will be fought out between Mustafina and Iordache. Both have major motivation (Iordache's disappointing Olympics, and Mustafina's disappointing Euros). Mustafina has homecrowd advantage, but Iordarche is looking stronger.

I'm thinking Bulimar will hit everything, but so will Grishina (wishful thinking?) and thus Grishina will outscore her and grab bronze. From the top two, nothing more than minor mistakes, maybe an OOB on floor for Iordache, and a wobble or overtime on beam for Mustafina.

Of course, now that I've said this, Bulimar will develop an Amanar overnight and take gold, Mustafina will fall off bars, and Grishina will fall three times off beam and crash her dismount. (This is sarcasm. Please don't let this happen, except for the Bulimar part. That would be awesome)

Also, such a shame that Afanasyeva missed out by such a small margain, although I wouldn't want to see either Mustafina or Grishina out. It's becoming clear that the 2 per country rule is much more of a problem now. And such a shame that Gabby Jupp was injured, she would have been fantastic to watch. Hope it's just a minor injury, and she's back to stellar by worlds!

What do you think? Who are you tipping for the gold?

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