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Recap: Jesolo Part 2

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 It's fascinating to see how things in Elite Gymnastics have changed since 2010, which is when I'll start, since I can't find the standings at USAGYM for earlier than that. (actually, I just went to check, and US didn't attend Jesolo in 2009)

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So at this point, halfway through the quad, most of the big names we'll come to know and love are juniors. The junior AA podium is
800px-Flag of Russia Anastasia Grishina

800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone) Kyla Ross 800px-Flag of Italy Erika Fasana

It's worth noting that Grishina doesn't drop below a 9 e score, except on vault where she gets an 8.950. She beats Ross by almost three points.  Ross either fell off beam or did some crazy stuff, getting an e score of 7.850. Other notable names:
-Maria Paseka, of the scamanar, gets 9th, with a bars score of 14.100, and a vault score of 13.950
-Mai Murakami, of the lovely floor exercise, gets 11th, but has one of the highest beam d-scores, with a 5.9. Unfortunately, the e-score indicates that she fell.
-Ruby Harrold, who just got named to the GB Euros team, and won silver on bars at the Doha World Cup, gets a bars e-score of 5.00. Yes, you read that right, a 5.00 for execution.

On the senior side, Aly Raisman barely beats out Ksenia Semenova for the Senior All Around title. Also, Tatiana Nabieva of the fugly vaults get a 9 e-score on her DTY.

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Four of the five members of the Fierce five are on the team this year. Most unusual? McKayla Maroney beats Jordyn Wieber for the All Around title by .150. Maroney wasn't a great all arounder at this time; instead it looks like Wieber had a catastrophe on floor, earning a 12.80. Aly Raisman's e scores are slaugtered; she gets eights in everything but vault. Sabrina Vega ties Raisman for floor gold, making up for the .3 difference in D-scores with her execution.

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On the junior side, Kyla Ross win the all around, beating beam wunderkind Kaitlyn Ohashi, and future trial competition Elizabeth Price. Ross earns a 9.650 e score on what must have been a stuck DTY. (Actually, I just went and looked it up. Not stuck after all)
Old rival Anastasia Grishina stumbles, wobbles, and falls off beam. She doesn't get a single e-score in the nines.

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Well, we all pretty much know what happened here right? If not, go to part one of this post, link at the top of the page. What does this mean for everyone?

-Simone Biles sweeps the competition. She's looking like a major podium prospect at the World Championships in October, in pretty much everything. Her vaulting just keeps getting better, and she's cleaned up her bars, beam, and floor. Look out for her!

-Kyla Ross is no longer ahead of the game. It was said that she could pull a Bridget Sloan and take the AA title at the start of the quad, but the new seniors are too good. She's being beat by the new gymnasts from her own country. Upgrades are absolutely necessary for her to remain a medal prospect. If this were a Worlds with Team Finals, she might  be brought for her bars, but right now, with Mustafina, and the Chinese, she'll have a tough time medaling there as well. Her beam and vault are steady, but she just doesn't have the d-scores to really challenge right now. At this point, her floor may keep her from the AA completely, if she doesn't have upgrades.

-Kaitlyn Ohashi, injured, doesn't compete at Jesolo. Hopefully, this means a real rest, and possible downgrading of routines. At the American cup, she was really struggling to get through everything. Honestly, for Worlds, maybe she should just concentrate on beam, assuming Marta is out there to maximize the medals. No more vaulting or floor, she wasn't going to get on podium there, and nobody wants another Bross situation this early in the quad.

-Bailey Key looks like she's being paced wonderfully, reading to burst onto the senior scene right before Rio. She just has to make sure she stays ahead of the pack. Jordan Wieber was in a similar situation at around 2009, and seemed to let her guard down just in time to lose her AA spot at the Olympics. But Bailey looks great right now. 

-Mai Murakami is running out of chances. We were all saddened when she was left off the Olympic team, but as she fails to hit that magnificent floor routine, or frankly, anything else, it's looking like Worlds just might not happen.

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