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Recap: Jesolo Part 1

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So I'm almost a whole week late, and should probably be recapping the Doha World Cup, or the Friendly meet (USA vs Romania vs Germany) instead, since Jesolo's been done to death, but this is really the first major international competition that's happened since I started my blog, so I figured I'd do an intro to the Jesolo meets, quick recap, 2011 vs 2012 vs 2013 (I found some really interesting stuff), and then what it all means. Basically, I'll be rambling on for way too long. Click below if you want to keep reading

So, when I first seriously started following gymnastics, right before the 2012 Olympics, I knew nothing about any competition other than the Olympics. I kept seeing Jesolo mentioned in tandem with Aly Raisman, mostly talking about execution. Jesolo is widely known for being sticklers on execution, giving Raisman an eight point something dscore for a hit beam routine. But that comes later. First, what is Jesolo?

Jesolo is a town in the province of Venice, Italy. Personally, I was surprised to find that Venice is both a city and a province. As in, the capital of Venice is Venice. What??? Anyway, the actual gymnastics competition is called Trofeo Città di Jesolo, or the City of Jesolo Trophy. This one last weekend was the 6th ever, so it's not a really old competition.

As far as I can tell, it's only a WAG (women's artistic gymnastics) competition, although I can't find a source that actually says that. I'm just inferring because I can only find WAG results on the internet. Both junior and senior elite compete. The format is simple; the first day is the Team and All-Around competition, and the second day is the Event Finals. As always, top three in each event medal

So onto a quick recap of the 2013 City of Jesolo Trophy. Each picture should be clickable, if I've figured that out right.
Senior Team Finals
Senior All Around
Junior All-Around
Junior Vault
Senior Vault
Junior Uneven Bars
Senior Uneven Bars
Junior Balance Beam
Senior Balance Beam
Junior Floor Exercise
Senior Floor Exercise
Whew that was a lot to upload! Now for the cool things I learned when researching for this post, go to part two HERE!

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