Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Routine: Zeng Siqi at the Doha World Cup

Zeng Siqi; credits unknown
Today, I thought I'd take a chance to showcase one of my favorite routines from the Doha World Cup, Zeng Siqi on balance beam. It's early in the quad, but already it's looking like beam routines are starting to look more original, although it's probably because I'm thinking of the recent lovely routines of Grishina and Iordache. Anyway, on to the routine!

This video is from the event final, which I think happened today? Time zones confuse me, but TCG says the Balance Beam final happened 16:30 – 17:00 on the 29th. The qualification results are below, also from TCG

1)     Siqi Zeng 14.75 (6.6)
2)     Larisa Iordache 14.25 (6.5)
3)     Gabrielle Jupp – 14.15 (5.9)
4)     Ilaria Kaeslin – 13.85 (5.3)
5)     Ang Tracie – 13.55 (5.3)
6)     Jessica Diacci – 13.50 (5.9)
7)     Teja Belak – 13.40 (5.5)
8)     Diana Bulimar – 13.30 (5.9)

And the final results:

click to see it larger
 full results for the competition can be found HERE

Of course, none of this actually has to do with the fabulousness of the routine. If she works on her double pike landing, her worlds spot should be guaranteed, IMO. Seriously, the quality of beam routines this year is just fantastic. Her flight series should win an award on its own.

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