Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guide: Watching Gymnastics on Youtube

Unfortunately, real life has come back to me, so I probably won't be getting posts up as often. While I'm working on some of my other posts, which require more research, I thought I'd put up a quick guide to watching routines on youtube. There's some basic terminology that's really easy to figure out, but having it out there can't be such a bad idea, right? To see more, keep reading!

EDIT: added more with advice from http://beautifulgymnastics.blogspot.ie/  !

Most people title their videos in some variation of the following:  
name; apparatus;year;event.
What do I mean? Here's an example of a USAG video titled Simone Biles-Vault-2013 American Cup. Pretty simple

This post is looking pretty pointless right about now, right? But when I'm showing my non-gymfanatic fans videos, there are some terms that they get confused by. Mostly, it's the two-letter acronyms used by the FIG

Apparatus Acronyms

VT= vault
UB=uneven bars
BB=balance beam
FX=floor exercise ( I always thought this one was super clever)

 Event Acronyms

TF=team finals
AA=all around
EF=event finals

Also, the broadcasters

NBC=USA broadcasting (with the terrible trio of Tim, Elfi, and Al)
BBC=British broadcasting (with Christine Still)
CCTV=Chinese broadcasting
and some people just record videos live at the event.

Good Youtube Channels to use

Olympic has the videos from the past olympics, this link goes to the WAG team final
Nastiafan101, this link goes to the 2011 WAG TF
Piibunina has lots of individual routines
Deandre Long has tons as well


  1. Maybe include the best channels? USAG of course, NastiaFan101, piibunia and vikamustafina. Small meets are hard to pinpoint but the above are fantastic. And that the best way to get a full event is to search for instance 1996 Olympics gymnastics TF part 1' because if you elude the part 1 it can get very very messy, and it's quicker to reach the start.

    1. Thank you so much for the advice! I'll add that in right away