Sunday, April 21, 2013

Random Routine: Anastasia Grishina 2013 European Championships Beam

credits unknown (but lord Iordache's leotard)
You know, before Euros came up, I was planning another 'ode to' post featuring Anastasia Grishina and other known headcases. (I have lofty plans for this blog. So many good ideas, and so little time to actually research and write them.) Well, she fell during qualifications, but her beam is steadily becoming more reliable. And oh so brilliant, with the onodi to illusion turn. Brilliant enough to be featured in this random routine post! To see, read on

Now, she did downgrade from her top potential, using the single spin instead of the double, but this is still a MARVELOUS routine. Illusion turns are my favorite. I actually don't know of any other athletes using it, except for Chellsie Memmel on floor, but that's probably just my own ignorance showing through.

And also, shallow, but can I just say her leotard is fabulous. I know a lot of people are not a fan of the #nastiahotpink, but Grishina just seems like a pink kinda girl. And this is EF, in which I think the athletes should let their individual styles show through. But her hair, oh gosh. I actually like the curls in the ponytail, but someone needs to fix her bangs. I can't wait to read what the bloggers at STOI! have to say about it.

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