Monday, April 22, 2013

Random Routine: Ksenia Afanasyeva Floor Exercise Euros 2013 and Diana Bulimar Floor Exercise Euros 2013

love all these leotards so much
Look at me getting up two posts in two days! I wanted to interject my opinion on the floor exercise final without making a whole long recap post, so I'm just talking about two random routines today. For more, read on!

I've been a huge fan of Ksenia Afanasyeva's floor exercises ever since 2008. I don't know how she does it, but to me, she's the only gymnast who really 'dances'. The small hand movements and little leg flutters? I don't know, but her routines are always magical for me. This one is no exception. She's using the same music as in 2012, but changed some of the choreography. I really like the two new combination spins (attitude into double, and double L into Memmel turn) even if she did fall out of the later combination. I miss the cool little dance sequence she did last year after the second tumbling pass, and the little mini leap shuffle she did after the third pass, I think? Moreover, I think this routine shows the dangers of the 'don't stand in the corner' rule. Personally, I'd much rather see a few seconds of 'gameface' right before the tumble, rather than this wishy washy walking into a corner slowly. I actually didn't find the leap code whoring of the last quad to be that irritating, but I can see this new rule becoming my pet peeve. But otherwise, great routine. Love the high clean double pike!

And now to the second routine that I absolutely adored. Some say that Diana Bulimar should get some choreography that suits her, but I don't understand, because I think this choreography is great. She's like a fairy flitting all over the floor. But again, what is the point of stopping, twirling a bit, and then walking into the corner for your tumbling pass.  Ugh, I just can't deal. But her tumbling itself is great. From this angle you can't really even see the messiness of the full-in, nor the leg separation in the double layout. The stuck landings are really fantastic. And also, shallow once again, but she should get extra kudos for being Romanian and having a non obscene leotard cut. Who knew that was even possible? Plus her matching scrunchie is just too cute.

What about you? What were your favorite routines from the FX final?

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