Friday, April 19, 2013

2013 European Championships All Around Results Recap

credits Mikhail Metzel
Well, beginner's luck maybe, but my podium predictions HERE turned out to be exactly correct! For all the details, and my thoughts on what I've been able to catch through videos, click below!

(Also, the livestream link I posted turned out to be for European views only. Actually, it seems that that they didn't post that fact until the competition started? Unless I was so oblivious in my excitement I missed it...)

results from
Incredibly, videos have already made their way onto Youtube! Here are  Mustafina's and Iordache's  routines



She seems to have perfected a near stick (or perfect stick like this one) every time, but still isn't fixing her twisting form. The judges seem to be rewarding the landings more than the form here


On first glance, Iordarche looks much cleaner than Mustafina, but in the slow mo you can see that she twists her ankles quite a bit on the second twist, even if her legs remain straight. Add that to a little hop on landing, and not quite in the center, and I think her score is fair



I can't find any videos of either of their uneven bars, but we all knew Mustafina was going to beat Iordache by miles here



She's got several major wobbles (the first one after the arabian has got to be at least a .5 deduction) but I think her connections look way better


I do think the difference between scores on beam wasn't enough between the two of them, but Iordache also does more skills, thus giving opportunity for more deduction on each. She's not completely clean, but she moves between things so fast and so fluidly that it's hard to tell. Also, sidenote, she/Romania really need to fix their leotard problem, she should be getting deducted for the amount of hipbone being shown by her leotard cut



She's just so darn regal and royal here. So royal that she doesn't even salute the judges at the end LOL. Althought I think she must have, and it just wasn't on the video, because isn't it poor sportsmanship and a deduction otherwise?  I really don't know why her twisting form is such a mess, everything else (look how controlled her leaps are!) is so clean and gorgeous. I love this new floor routine, and I think taking out one of the twisting passes for a double layout would make it even better.


Can I say that I actually really hate her floor music without things being thrown at me? Maybe it's just the quality of the video, but I find it really disjointed and jarring. Gymnastics wise, though she sticks her landings, her double double and full in are landed quite low. Otherwise, music and leotard aside, lovely routine.

So, what do you think? Was Mustafina overscored? Iordache underscored?
I think I'll be highlighting some of Grishina's and Bulimar's routines as random routine posts sometime this week. Look out for those!


  1. The FX by larissa iordache was great! With her experience, standing just behind mustafina was the gold for her.

    Hope to see more updates on their other apparatus.

    p.s: I love her leotard.

    1. I agree. I guess it's easy to forget that she actually doesn't have that much competition experience, so every hit set counts. She just seems so experienced because of all her potential. And I agree that the style of her leotard is unique, but I really think the cut of it is inappropriate